whole germ buckwheat tea


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whole germ buckwheat tea

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[Name] aircraft flying 180 grams of buckwheat tea bags of whole wheat

 [Ingredients]: buckwheat bran

 [Features of this product]: brown, square bar, resistant to brew; brown clear green orange, taste mellow, fragrant buckwheat overflow. Drinking: Take some, about 5 g / time, the water brewing

 [Specification]: 180g

 [Storage]: dry, moisture-proof

 [Shelf life]: 12 months

 [Executive standard]: Q/72980188-1.4-2007

 [Health permit number]: cool health food [2003] No. No. 0499

 [Manufacturer]: Xichang City, flying Air Development Center Buckwheat

 [Production year] we were recently issued by the shelf life of tea

 [Note] buckwheat tea drinking no special taboo. Do ordinary tea, the better! No side effects! A bubble bag, bubble 2-3 bags per day, 2-3 times a bag of water can be added! Tea leaves can be eaten, containing more fiber to promote gastrointestinal motility.

 Airlines flying buckwheat tea

    Credibility of the national brand of buckwheat industry; Xichang College Department of Food Science industry, academia, research ten years of professional crystal; Sichuan Provincial Education Department research projects focus on development results Buckwheat; 2005 International Symposium on Buckwheat cum-food culture only designated special drinks.

    Has been the national invention patent, patent number: 200510021064.0 Certificate No. No. No. 383 585

   "Airlines fly"brand buckwheat tea (patent number: 200510021064.0) using Liangshan buckwheat bran as the main raw material, special refining process. This product maintains the good components of buckwheat in the content, maintaining the natural nature pure buckwheat, long-term consumption of good health.

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