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Our advantages

by Li Jian – 2011-04-28 13:45:19 - Total Views : 4366

1, heavy and more product categories
 The website operators are many product categories and almost includes all the traditional Chinese decorations and food, where you can buy all you want about China items.
 2, professional maker
 We have a number of provinces and cities in the whole of China made ??manufacturers and suppliers, In addition to the production of handicrafts that also has a small private workshops, arts and crafts to protect the customer orders the completion of the quality and quantity.
 3, improve the freight system
 Our shipping lines cover more than one hundred countries worldwide, including road transport, railway transport, air transport, shipping transportation, and freight companies we work with TNT, EMS, UPS. To ensure that customers in the shortest period of time to receive our goods.
 4, the friendly service staff
 Our friendly professional staff 24 hours a day to provide you with the best quality service, if you order by any problems encountered by telephone, MSN or E-mail to contact our service personnel, they will one by one Made to answer for you.

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