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by Li Jian – 2011-04-28 13:43:01 - Total Views : 10247

CHINESEDECO.COM local site belongs to China, this website mainly to Europe and the United States to sell traditional Chinese arts and crafts and food, in order to facilitate our international friends online purchase Chinese products on our web server specifically to the United States. Powered by selling all the crafts are hand-made traditional Chinese, so our products are not only beautiful but also applicable, such as: paper fan, brush, paper lanterns, Chinese knots and so on. In addition the site also sells some traditional Chinese food such as: dumplings, moon cake, dumplings, rice balls, tea and so on. The site with arts and crafts of China's major production base have maintained good relations of cooperation, forming a large handmade pet products production and sales network. We have a comprehensive freight system, we work with courier companies
TNT, EMS, UPS and so on. At the same time our professional sales team will bring you the most comprehensive service! Please believe us that we are the best!


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