100% pure natural Olivine bracelet arbitrarily shaped real stone jewelry



100% pure natural Olivine bracelet arbitrarily shaped real stone jewelry

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Really beautiful from the real stone ...

Real stone interpretation of the myth of stone

[Name]: natural olivine bracelets / natural green crystal - amorphous random models

Brand: thousands of promise

Material: natural olivine (Green Crystal)

【Level】: AAA

【Specification】: random amorphous

Package: default distribution of golden or sea blue jewelry box, jewelry box color not to be specified.

          For wood packaging plus 3, see baby show description.

Postage: see below postage instructions

[Olivine introduced: olivine known as the evening emerald is the birthstone for August, a symbol of marital happiness, ".

Olivine reason is used as a symbol of a happy couple, perhaps it's green. Olive green, a light green --- yellow-green color. This color is such a stable simple, only the green shades of change, like a middle-aged couple walk hand in hand on the journey of life, they have a young man's dream, experience the madness of the young people, life for them so OK, they focus on the emotional is so ordinary and stretching endless. Therefore, they had no choice Qiao Yan green emerald, a symbol of springtime symbol of fiery love pigeon blood red, yellow and green and the choice of the unchanging to express the feelings of lasting happiness between husband and wife trusted.

Olivine from scratch like precious stones, it also has many legends. The Egyptians called peridot for "the gem of the sun, I believe it has the power of the sun, wear it can eliminate the fear of the night; in Hawaii, people called olivine as the" Vulcan "tears, perhaps because the local olive stone are mostly produced in the volcanic rocks of the crater, and speckled, as if the volcano's teardrop, wrapped in a black volcanic rock.

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