100% natural Aquamarine Bracelets



100% natural Aquamarine Bracelets

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Very beautiful color of an aquamarine bracelet fashion cool light blue beads 8mm can improve the ability to express, Oh!

[Aquamarine] Aquamarine energy corresponding human seven in the throat chakra. Can help the individual skills, language skills, comprehension, and throat health and balance of the lymphatic system operation. The benefits are many.
"Aquamarine" five elements are water, the most suitable to use and wear of the five elements hi "water". More suitable to use the language, conversation, voice and other industries. For example, teachers and salesmen.
 Spiritual due to throat chakra is the spiritual power and physical force of the transfer stations, therefore, the development of the "throat chakra", will help the spiritual Shishi, a comprehensive progress, but also enhance the individual's "perception". Aquamarine is the birthday calendar March Birthstone.

[Physiological role of the blue corresponds to the throat chakra, helping to strengthen communication and expression, very near the throat, trachea, thyroid and other organs, glands of proven efficacy, suitability to carry around in your throat.

[Psychological effects commonly used Aquamarine as meditation and metaphysical forces can achieve some degree of communication, and thus be able to master the use of time and space, is a gem of a symbol of love and peace.

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