hand-wrought iron lantern



hand-wrought iron lantern

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【Product Name】: a small hand-wrought iron lanterns

【Product Size】: 12 * 12 * 40cm (the longest in accordance products - including hooks, the widest, highest amount taken), lamp height 23cm (handmade, slight size difference)

【Material】: iron, red gauze

  The product is handmade, using traditional Chinese concept of unity radius and Chinese-style patterns, so that the red candle is filled with distant charm. It placed in restaurants, coffee table, bedside table can create a hazy atmosphere of joy.

   There are small iron lantern candles can also be made to install the lamp. Lanterns are hand-prepared, low-cost base material lantern is not very good, some rough, buyer have friends, please think twice, to avoid unnecessary trouble.

 In ancient China, red lanterns seen everywhere, it became part of our tradition, all busy at the celebration, will be hanging lanterns, lighting is not only night sky is dark the night sky, under the eaves of joy and elegant touch of style. That lantern hurry, hanging wall table lanterns, and its lively picturesque scene can be directly, so now our imaginations.

   In Japan, lanterns everywhere, to square the majority, there are round, but more elongated oval. Big small, tall short, landing hanging. Designers can see the originality. Most of the white paper are all written in ink of various Chinese calligraphy style body. A bookish, but also a very strong Japanese style. Or black and white, like the seal. In Japan, home, hotel, size of the fast-food restaurant has decorated with lanterns to do, although more black and white, straight hard-line parties. However, the location of the design style is not the same placement. Have their own characteristics, only a street in Kyoto Studios, a small street, and the top covered with red lanterns. Oblong. There were festive air, but there are ink words.

    South Korea than Japan, like everywhere lanterns. Seoul streets with folk art section is very pretty, beautiful and brilliant lights, and here also see many various styles of lanterns. The paper is mostly yellow. A variety of yellow, orange yellow in the yellow ink --- also wrote Chinese characters. But the lines should be soft, have a variety of different shapes of the park type. Colors are warm. Front of the hotel to do more decorative. Just a charming little hotel, to the patchwork of different forms of hanging lanterns. Forked out of the narrow main street, turn a bend on a small street. With a time when the level of scattered into the lantern with wooden buildings, with a rich flavor and beauty of Korean style.

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