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The culture of chinese embroidered shoe

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Chinese embroidered shoe,a perfect combination of shoe culture and embroidery art,is an original handicraft of Chinese nationality.This commodity is known as "Chinese Shoes" ,rooted in the national culture .

Embroidery technique for embroidered shoes has followed the aesthetic consciousness for oriental decoration:vamp and shoe upper are well organized; topline and sole are embellished with decorative lines. Colorful silk threads are used for embroidering flowery patterns from toecap,to heel and even to shoe sole and insole. The shoes' embroidered tattoo motif is from life.The theme is folk culture and folk custom.The basic reference patterns include “Flowers, Birds, Grass and Insects”,“Birds and Beasts ”,“Melon Claws ,Flowers and Fruits”,“Mountains and Scenery”,“Drama Characters”and etc.. Auspicious reference patterns cover “Lotuses and Osmanthus Flowers”meaning giving birth to boys continuously,“Pomegranate and Two Boys”meaning endless multiplication of descendants,“Two Butterflies over Flowers” and“Soaring Dragon and Phoenix”.All these symbolize a hymn for life and a happy life.

Chinese word "together(偕)" is a homophone for Chinese word "shoe(鞋)".Therefore , embroidered shoes with such auspicious patterns are used as a dowry,wishing that bride and groom can love each other dearly and always stay together happily.So it becomes a necessary dowry .

As a dowry,the embroidered shoes are usually put in a rosewood hope chest,together with Dragon-Phoenix pattern gown and acacia quilt.However,because marriage custom varies according to different terrains,the concrete usage for shoes depends on the local custom.

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