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The culture of chinese cloth shoes

by Li Jian – 2013-09-05 22:52:12 - Total Views : 2804

The Old Beijingcloth shoes market is growing bigger and bigger, you can see the cloth various shoes styles especially for leisure, tourism, interior, driving and any other occasion, cloth shoes has became one symbol of Chinese traditional culture in the world. It can be said cloth shoes are closely linked with Chinese culture. According to the survey, cloth shoes is not only with health and foot care function, but also with cheap price, which is the main reason why cloth shoes continue to survive in Chinese culture for thousands of years and to flourish.

From warriors of the Qin dynasty for thousands of years ago to the Eighth Route Army during the anti-japan war, and also to the PLA soldiers in new era ,they have never been bored about cloth shoes and be inseparable about them , what’s the reason ? For it perpetuates a kind of cluture which has continued for thousands of years ,and became a culture which is irreplaceable just like Confucianism, Buddhism in Chinese history.

The responsibility of He brand is to flourish this culture , and to push it around the world, which makes the culture and history of China brightly. old Beijing cloth shoes of He brand has a long history and also creates a long and splendid culture of shoes, in the ancient land of China, since the transformation from the matriarchal society into the patriarchal society, it established a division of labor of farming men and weawing women, women of all eras from generation to generation inherited skills of embroidered shoes, they tells the cultural traditions, ethics and fashion values from all periods through needles and lines in inches of places.

Today the old Beijing cloth shoes of He brand mixes the crafts of leather shoes and morden designs together based on traditional crafts, and has made a perfect combination of classic and modern fusion. The He brand tradition old Beijing cloth shoes with health care efficacy was borned in the laboratory when the whole market was calm, August , 2008, it is a lucky month, the entire old Beijing cloth shoes market has set off a new beginning, the co-founder of He brand finally obtain the result for years of research and the public could put on more beneficial for healthy shoes with a lower price.

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