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The chinese culture of Red rope bracelet

by Li Jian – 2013-09-04 15:30:58 - Total Views : 2904

Red is deeply loved by Chinese people because of its beauty and festive feeling it conveys. Red rope bracelet symbolizes several meanings:

1.a necessity for seeking marriage
It can bring a positive love life or can be a token of love for your sweetheart.
For a couple,if the male and female wearing a red rope bracelet on left hand and right hand respectively,this is called lovelace. If a male binds a red rope on a female's left ankle,this signifies "never abandon". If you want to keep her around you,then give her a red rope bracelet meaning "never abandon".

2. for birth year.
Chinese people believe in ghosts,but red rope can ward off evil spirits. People usually wear red rope bracelets at their birth year in order to ward off evil spirits.

3.for New Year .
Wearing red rope bracelet at New Year can bring you good luck and plenty of profits. This is passed down from one generation to another for a long time .It's distinctively Chinese.

4.for warding off evil spirits and protecting oneself. In Buddhism,red rope bracelet blessed with power by Buddha can ward off evil spirits and keep you safe.Moreover,it can tranquilize yourself and purify distractions in your mind.

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