The Origin of the Chinese Fan


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The Origin of the Chinese Fan

by Li Jian – 2011-11-11 00:15:07 - Total Views : 3620

China gets credit for being the first place where fan was manufactured. Documentation showed that fan had more than three thousand years history in China, which was made of colorful pheasants’ feathers called ”Zhang Shang” in the Shang Dynasty. At that time fan was not used to make yourself feel less hot, but served as processing to shield the sunlight and dust when emperor cruised his state. It was not until the Western Han Dynasty that fan was used to enjoy cool air. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, fan was made of silk and could be in shapes of round, square and hexagon. It was primarily reserved for the member of the royal court with the call of “Pal-ace Fan”. Silk fan, feather fan and a few of paper fan were the most popular in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Folding fan convenient to carry appeared in the Northern Song Dynasty. It quickly gained popularity thereafter. Folding fan entered the boom period of production in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and became a fashion among scholars and artists to show their genius by writing and painting on fan-cover.

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