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Specification and Form for Chinese Folding Fan

by Li Jian – 2011-11-11 00:17:37 - Total Views : 3777

Specifications for folding fan depend on the length, width and number of ribs, and match the fan-ribs and fan-covers.
??Two sides ribs are called big bones, others are small bones, and their number is accorded to the fan-ribs.
??Japanese style is always with nine or eleven ribs which are made of ivory or Zitan, with the length form 31cm to 32cm, and this style was popular in late Qing and Minguo periods. Twelve, thirteen and fourteen ribs are rare, and just in late Ming and early Qing Dynasties could be found, and those were normally square shape in the end and wide big bones about 30cm length.
??Sixteen ribs were most popular in Qing and Minguo periods, and the length is about 30cm to 32cm.
??Eighteen ribs became popular after 1949,and with the length about 30cm.
??Twenty ,twent-two or twenty-four ribs are commonly made for ladies and are called Qunshan.
??Thirty or forty ribs can be opened with the angle of 180 degrees, but ribs are short and thin. There is no much value for collecting.

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