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Of wild Gynostemma tea, herbal tea Shennongjia

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Housing County of Hubei Province "asparagus", "Phoenix Wings" Introduction Gynostemma Tea
    Gynostemma series of tea, herbal medicines produced in the world's natural treasures - the northern foot of an altitude of 1700 meters Shennongjia bridge rural territory, where the beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, abundant vegetation, away from the city, without any pollution, purely natural and wild. Gynostemma pentaphyllum series of tea produced by the company with "asparagus", "Phoenix Wings" two types of products, which have each type of sweet, bitter two. "Asparagus" is picking Gynostemma Spear plus buds produced by processing, if the asparagus-shaped, hair-fine pure taste of sweet, smooth taste, aftertaste endless. "Phoenix Wings" is picking leaves of Gynostemma, using traditional Chinese remedies produced by processing, if the phoenix-shaped wings, liquor color clear green, aromatic, sweet and delicious, great health value of the two types of products, is the anti-aging, weight loss, fat, lower blood pressure, blood lipid effects drink, known as the "Southern Ginseng", "anti-cancer rookie." Beijing is the only China International Agricultural Expo '99 exhibition products. This product is produced by the Hubei Medical University.

【Specification】: 250 grams
【Ingredients】: Premium Jiaogulan Tea

【Packing】 tea packaging (250 g cans)

Alpine ecosystems in China to build first rookie tea health tea anti-cancer, fitness goddess!

Conscience of the food is to do what to do! The quality is really good!

 Organic Jiaogulan wild asparagus green color and sweet taste, slightly bitter flavor. We call this Jiaogulan herbal medicine before, only then changed his name in the 80 health tea! The main effect of organic Jiaogulan asparagus very obvious! 7-8 days had lower blood pressure lowering effect is obvious!

 First off his mountain producing its own organic green asparagus Gynostemma!

As the best three high resistance (hypertension, high blood sugar, high blood cholesterol) and health tea, he was sent home to parents, grandparents, elders, etc., are in line with the purpose of gifts sent to health.
In the private sector, it is not just healing medicine, but also longevity, is standing at home, even as a gift for leadership, colleagues, is also very good, but it enhances the efficacy of hepatic metabolism, weight loss can make a lot of plans for successful MM half, gave his girlfriend her boyfriend, after all, healthy choices.

Of wild Gynostemma up as a proprietary fundamental treatment of hypertension, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, but also has good health care function, it can remove the body toxins and improve immunity, and contains many nutrients needed by the body to add, Tea Therapy is a rare treasure. 1525 Zhu Di Jiajing four years of "Shortage of Materia Medica," a book written: 1. Fat, lowering blood sugar, balance blood pressure, weight loss fat, improve sleep, eliminate chest tightness; 2. Maintain healthy cardiovascular system, to prevent venous thrombosis formation; 3. pure natural herbal extracts, with the support of the sedative, anti-fatigue, improve immune function; 4. remove the body daily intake of hormones, the chemical class of drugs the accumulation of toxins, endocrine regulation. 5. Elimination of sub-health.

Fortunately, there】 【good products:
1. A few thousand years of history verification, wild asparagus fundamentally radical Gynostemma three high (hypertension, high cholesterol, high blood sugar).
2. Shennongjia Gynostemma asparagus selection. Shennongjia Gynostemma mountain forests into buds, natural wildlife, in addition to production of prototype flavor without any chemical synthesis, without any side effects, pure, natural, and efficient!
3 .. Shennongjia Gynostemma asparagus. Pure hand picked to take natural death, is the best new technology of chlorophyll crystals tea, green blue color, shape bar tender, so the taste Gengshuang!

4. Shennongjia Gynostemma Need asparagus set treatment + health + high tea at one point.
5. Shennongjia has the world's most ancient forests are the largest production base of natural wildlife. Because of the natural wild Gynostemma asparagus, it is highly effective component of modern medical evidence, which contains 83 kinds of total glucosinolate content of biologically active substances cultivated products 8-10 times that of other parts of Gynostemma leaf or more than 15 times. According to laboratory analysis, there are 50 kinds of Gynostemma saponins, including the tetracyclic triterpenoids, saponins which Aescin gall Ⅲ, Ⅳ, Ⅶ, Ⅻ four, respectively ginsenoside Rb1, Rb3, Rd, F2 is the same substance; its acid hydrolysis and acid hydrolysis of ginsenosides product - PDS have the same physical and chemical properties. This non-Araliaceae is very rare plants, and therefore known as the "second ginseng."

    In a cool, dry, dark place to preserve

   The product liquor color green is natural, a special process the system must not add any pigment.

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