Natural white crystal bracelet jewelry



Natural white crystal bracelet jewelry

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Bead diameter: 10MM

White crystal efficacy: white crystal to provide spiritual strength. White crystal of great help to stimulate mental force and spiritual. You can increase memory, focus on the spiritual power. (In fact, this is because white crystal so that the spiritual power to achieve energy balance and the material world, and thus help to focus thinking and not be deceived by the external images.

Mistakenly thought that the white crystal corresponds to the crown chakra, in fact, just to see that white is the color of the. In fact, the white crystal allows the smooth flow of the body Rainbow energy, not like the other spar when opening or junction India auxiliary blocking the running of the Rainbow energy.
The outside world that the white crystal corresponds to the crown chakra, and that can only increase the memory and ability to concentrate, but ignored the role of the other six energy. The error that is not a thorough understanding of the role of the white crystal.
The white crystal is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, also known as "Mani Miss Sarah, as the name implies, white crystal made ​​of statues or artifacts is qi, worship Buddha, ward off evil spirits, block brake, town house, divination has a strong forward and Buddha blessing the ability to clear the negative energy is with its powerful effect.
White crystal in the light produces the shock sustained, stable, and so makes a clear mind, enhance memory and understanding, but there is a significant help, but should be avoided placed on the bed nearby, or there will be insomnia tendencies.

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