Natural red coral Prayer beads bracelets with white tridacna



Natural red coral Prayer beads bracelets with white tridacna

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Rosary for the Pure Land of repair and repair secret law are most commonly used. Hand-held prayer beads reciting at any time, and reminds us to read, increase concentration, and wisdom, the solemn dignity. Pinch beads posture is a left hand lead beads, such as Turning the prayer wheel; side holding the read side contemplate the Buddha holy, so boundless.

108 - confirmation hundred and eighty Samadhi, try to get rid of 108 kinds of trouble, 108 kinds of trouble in general said six (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, meaning.) Has its own hardships, music, round three subject, or 18, a total of 30 6 kinds of the past, present and future III together 108 kinds of trouble.

    18 108 has the same meaning, easy to carry 108 in addition to six. 108 In addition to the six tables of six reincarnation; folk hi termed Eighteen.

       Rosary grains 14, 18, 21, 27, 36, 42, 54, 108, 1080 points. It is said that the world has a lot of trouble, read a "Namo Amitabha", dial a bead, you can lift the trouble. Because the Buddha, to exclude all other thoughts evil thought, so carefully clean, so the beads also known as "the pure in heart beads. Buddhism so-called "heart to read a 'Buddha' to destroy 80 million robbery of life and death a felony."

Shop the opening prayer beads, and the opening to Beijing Linh Quang please master personally.

The opening prayer beads has a Buddhist powers of protection, the wearer of body evil, enrichment, Auspicious.

The opening of the things Buddhism mostly from the wearer, please do not let the unclean things of prayer beads, and kept clean

Under various names - prayer beads types of

Many different types of prayer beads on its use in terms of, can generally be divided into three types:

Hold beads - hand pinch twist or holders to read the prayer beads;

2, Pei Zhu - prayer beads worn on the wrist or arm;

3, hanging beads - prayer beads hanging in the neck.

Holding the beads, and more used to record the number of chanting chanted or spell. Said in the scriptures:

If the good man, good woman, can recite Zhu Dharani and Buddhism who want to self-interest and care for others ... Ruoyu willing students Buddhas Pure Land, shall accept and uphold this bead.

Red coral culture in the traditional culture of China and India, Indian nations have a long history, especially the Indian indigenous peoples and the China Tibetan nomads like the red coral have even red coral as the Body and prayer "God (God) bless sustenance. According to historical records, the use of human red coral can be traced back to Roman times. The ancient Romans that corals can prevent disaster, gives wisdom, bleeding and displacement thermal functions, some of the sailors believe that wearing red coral, can prevent lightning, hurricanes, calm and safe journey! Thus, Rome, called as "red gold", the red coral covered with a layer of mystery. Modern Westerners, coral and pearl, and amber listed as three organic gemstones, is one of the Western "March birthday stone"

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