Natural prism face white crystal bracelet



Natural prism face white crystal bracelet

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Bead diameter: 10MM

The white crystal is transparent and colorless crystal, natural crystal shape is hexagonal columnar. White crystal energy corresponding human seven in the top round. Enable individuals to clear-eyed, physically fit. Near the desk or desks placed in the larger branch of the Whitewater boules, can help improve work efficiency.
    White crystals, meditation, or often wear a white crystal ornaments, will enhance the personal source of inspiration, and thinking more agile.
    Spiritual, because the crown chakra is active, the more easily receive the message from the high-level and more effectively disseminate information to the other side.
Should try to avoid the white crystal placed close to the bed, because the spirits, she will be very difficult to sleep.
    [Qualities] no built-in objects, crystal clear.
    [Physiological role to issue a white light transparent crystal can stimulate the function of the crown chakra, the operation of the brain.
    Psychological effects] of white crystal complex on behalf of all light and color balance, satisfactory. Used to pray, Wishing the best, but also when the amulets, talismans, but also increase the body energy and enhance vision, improve the feng shui, the absorption of electromagnetic waves the best. White crystal can increase concentration, enhance memory, the most suitable candidates to wear.

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