Natural golden Tiger-Eye Bracelets 12MM



Natural golden Tiger-Eye Bracelets 12MM

Made in china,Handmade crafts

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The Tiger-Eye Beads have shiny, smooth surface, free of impurities,

The surface texture into a laser beam that good texture, bead size the greater the more the man,

It brings out the courage, to bring confidence and firm belief, people brave Pornographic

Door event, the first one out to face the media Gillian photographer Wai

Packed, one wearing a super red eye of the tiger bracelets men's work,

Member, kept his hand to block each other pushing the reporter. This act of retaining Johnson scene, indeed

Implemented to allow journalists to think that the red eye of the tiger bracelets super macho!


Role of the red eye of the tiger: Oh, speaking of Tiger Eye, we would immediately think of the golden

Color, right! Really easy to see yellow in the market. If you see the blue

Or red eye of the tiger, you may not believe it is natural, then you

Wrong. Red Tiger Eye is not made ​​at the color, but it

Color in this type of stone is relatively rare, low production levels, sellers are also difficult

To get a good quality red eye of the tiger. Large size beads due to the strong energy

High quality requirements, the red tiger in the eyes of top grade.

Red eye of the tiger looks more lively, active, and most men would choose it when self-

Had a lucky stone. Think the cause of Want Want to attract others attention to the boys, and more to

Crystal shop asked the Red Tiger Eye, may have the owner for you to find the goods!

Red Tiger Eye Price: more of the ordinary non-hyun gloss, like this section, collections of

Red glare is not easy to see, the market price of course, turned the good times, more is not

To such an independence paragraph

Red-eye stone which hand to wear: in fact, tell the truth, although the pass online, left into right out of this

One said, but after the verification of a lot of people, with the crystal is let yourself go,

Time into right out of the left as you can, or even carry around efficacy have so

With MM crystal to be heart, feel to feel with good convenient, sensitive, took

Which hand

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