Natural amethyst with white crystal bracelets



Natural amethyst with white crystal bracelets

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Bead diameter: 6MM

Brazilian White Crystal
Uruguay amethyst from the Wuzi translucent AAA level
White crystal and amethyst, the most effective for the save and Concord love, marriage, white crystal can effectively improve a person's frequency, while the amethyst is the most calm mood of the spar, the two used together, the effect would be the ideal.

White crystal and amethyst under the pillow, every day contact with the spar, you will unconsciously feel emotion before the calm, vexatious things be reduced accordingly. Reduce the personal negative frequency, will be able to be considerate of each other.

If the problem lies in other words, the best love message of the input spar, and then on the other side of the pillow can produce a certain effect.

As to marriage or love of a third party, the most effective way to larger blocks or the higher energy of the crystal is placed in the home, but also to the four corners of the home to be placed, so that the crystal radiation release, the formation of an airflow in order to better improve the gas field, to increase the stability of family feelings.

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