Natural White Moonlight stone bracelets to show the female temperament charm



Natural White Moonlight stone bracelets to show the female temperament charm

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Bead diameter: 8MM

Spiritual role

Staunch character, irritable, impulsive, doing things such as workaholic friends should wear to reconcile personality.

(2) If a female friend personality is too blunt, speech, behavior, behavior is often too obtrusive and out of occasions, the atmosphere, recommended moonstone jewelry to wear to improve temperament from the inside out, to bring calm demeanor, and elegant attitude.

(3) will be under the Moonstone on the Shaotou can help others the safety of sleep, every night dreams, get enough rest.

4 moonstones hanging to the site of the heart chakra meditation meditation, which corresponds to the astral, and help the soul out of body, God transported too tiger.

Soft Moonstone exudes a romantic atmosphere, is the best lovers tokens to exchange the token.

6 legend, the couple if the closed choke twist, mouth, or to grant Wars, as long as the two sides of the Moonstone re-join each other's energy blend again, they can crash and burn.

7 If there is no partner's friends, you can try a full moon night, with the Moonstone to accept the exposure of the moon, to absorb the energy of the moon, and do pray for the love of meditation, the future often carry wear, have the opportunity to attract appropriate partner.

Will Moonstone close to the third eye meditation or thinking can promote clarity and awareness of the brain, to help active sixth sense, the astrologers, fortune tellers, tellers, feng shui, psychic people all the needed gems.

Western occult legend, to Moonstone soaked, and accept the moon light the night, drinking this water the next day, you can get the wisdom of the moon, with this water to wash, bath, you can get the beauty of the moon.

10 was over-focused thinking, there is a dead end phenomenon, too much attention to details, while ignoring the realities of, out of touch the case, it is recommended that more use of the Moonstone friction top round, the solar plexus, and the entire head.


1, has a calm, firm, and the energy characteristics of long wavelength, easily tired, often poor physical strength, helps to enhance vitality, increase stamina and endurance;
Often need to work overtime, can Peidai La feldspar, unknowingly help to add strength, not easily tired;
3, when the tired eyes, sore throat, allows the labradorite posted above permeated comfort, can nationality energy to return to normal;
4, when the exercise, overwork, muscle, bone pain, labradorite to massage the site of pain, to alleviate pain;
5, holding the elongated stone sit-in, contribute to the progress of the whole body frequency, strengthen clairvoyant things, insight, free from the appearance of things.
Labradorite - Health effects

The The Ren Zaore long tumor fighting asthma or throat, or hemangioma subject, for congenital physical defects, of course, want to see a doctor, and themselves have to make maintenance and Qimai of modulating, or else after the knife compartment long period of time, life can be painful! For Ren Zaore maintenance, regardless of the Qimai whether the bribe, recommend the use of labradorite bracelet or Bracelet. Some people prefer Jade Yuhuan to replace the labradorite, labradorite, however, it is recommended. Due to the fact confirmed, to the effect of modulating the Ren Zaore point of view, labradorite than Yuhuan

Qimai has been smooth, black obviously feel the difference of these two gems. Of course, both of which reduce the heat, but jade is only effective on the heart chakra, and must match the red gem will not cause magnetic imbalances, while labradorite is the only gem for Ren to carry out maintenance and modulating. If Ren overheating of heat can not be effectively reduced, that abdominal wheel has minor defects on the president of the tumor, the heart chakra throat chakra, the crown chakra is also true, in other words, the Ren modulating is the only real.

Of course, said, labradorite looks are not wave it is always a little mottled (in fact, labradorite plus temperature will become Myanmar jade, is the predecessor of jade), but just modulating Ren impatient hot down the heat of the Ren of course not as good as the jade beautiful, efficacy is no compared to labradorite wear for a long time, the relatively eliminate Zaore phenomenon, and I feel happier, more and more to find this gem beautiful ah! Indeed! The inner beauty of the gem to be commended!

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