Multi-circle of red sandalwood prayer beads bracelets



Multi-circle of red sandalwood prayer beads bracelets

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Material: red sandalwood

 bead diameter: 6mm

 Name: red sandalwood Buddha's head ring bracelet

Prayer beads on behalf of the homophones: Dover punish, meaning Dover punish life, cherish the things in the world.

The round shape represents the doers of the word moderation, impartial stimulated to act satisfactorily affect.

216 beads, the most common type of the long string of prayer beads, the representative of the 216 kinds of trouble.

For wearing the length of the preferences, prayer beads often 108 or 1080 and so on, meaning 216 is similar.

Wearing prayer beads significance warns, diligent practice of the mind, try to get rid of a lot of these troubles.

At all times maintain a clean peaceful heart.

Trees absorb the sun and rain, will take many decades or even a hundred years in exchange for the vitality of value is priceless
So please,
 Avoid bathing or swimming wear
Avoid strenuous exercise sweating wear
Avoid contact with cosmetics, shampoo and chemicals
To avoid long-term exposure
Avoid contact with a lot of fat

Another, set to play the wooden beads to form a pack slurry is also a good maintenance
Disk to play need to consume a lot of time and patience, but it is antique lovers bored

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