Love Crystal Red month Bright Bracelet



Love Crystal Red month Bright Bracelet

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Material: natural crystal crystal / semi-precious stones / semi-precious stones
Category: moonstone / sunstone
Name: love to mention temperament pro-Bao Crystal genuine love Luna bright, crystal stone bracelet women to help

Origin: Sri Lanka

Bead diameter: 5MM

Condition: red moon is rare very rare, and golden eyes and the silver moonlight eye with a rare red moonlight, but also ice cotton to achieve less transparent ice that is more even more rare that this section is the first paragraph, this section Luna light stone surface a bit like a fog glass-like fine, soft, light transmission is quite strong, due to the internal structure of the light reflection caused by the interlayer albite issued an attractive orange-red light, mysterious and romantic gloss, through the energy of the red moon can change the field of gas, so that our joy and generous; gentle and dignified; charming and elegant and quiet, some friends asked the red moon, is not no rose quartz attracts the love, the more attractive Yixing Yuan, in fact, or crystal powder find the role of the peach, but wears provoke the object will be very complex, so the pro-Po generally shipped first Rose Quartz will strengthen purification, so that wear was not easy to move the rotten peach, and we talk about the red moonlight he is like a Pandora's Box, we often wear good wishes into which fit the gas field to achieve the desired effect, the other red moonlight by changing our gas field increase in our temperament gas field. put on the red moon for a long time, you will found that a woman of temperament, just like a dry years, dry well, all of a sudden emergence of a steady stream of spring water in general, the legislation was Aura. A woman have the temperament, will become radiant, bright eyes stare, very lovely.

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