Ke Ru Yun Lai chinese calligraphy



Ke Ru Yun Lai chinese calligraphy

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   Long days, the word is one, number line blank Hermit. 1949 born in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province has the Millennium pen are known Jinxian. Learning in the inherit and carry forward to those. Visiting Professor, Jiangxi Normal University who have taught at, and QIU Zhen for book addicts. Jiangxi Province is now calligraphy Association. Good seal script, regular script, running script, cursive. Has participated in national and international works of famous art exhibition, the name already loaded "Dictionary of Contemporary World famous painting", "World calligraphy celebrity ceremony," "Chinese Contemporary Painting and Calligraphy talent", "Selected Twentieth Century International Calligraphy Exhibition", etc. more than books. He lower case writing album "moral", "Diamond Sutra" and other series of works by many local and overseas collectors. 1,000 pieces of works exhibited and won numerous awards at home and abroad. Many works are Royal Mediterranean Hotel, super five-star hotels and other domestic decorative theme chosen as one of the highest taste. People are highly calligraphy, known as the "art of concentration, strokes sophisticated, fresh patterns, the momentum of the dragon" reputation. Calligraphy is the Association of Jiangxi Province and part-time at various levels in the domestic arts consultant.



【Specification】 approximately 100 cm × 50 cm (three feet) is not mounted

【Material】 rice paper

】 【Tips


  1. There is industry jargon painting "Three seven framed painting," that after the painting must be framed to show the normal viewing, drawing the core can not display the ink level in the original sense of color. If you choose to purchase surface, the work will be sent by registered letter folding, after the formation of ever mounting. If you want framed, please contact me.
  2. This product is a commodity original photo shoot, but shooting environment, light and viewing the display screen does not have other reasons, can not guarantee that goods in kind and the absolute picture consistency in the perception, if you offer to buy the note agree to such differences that may occur.
  3. In general, commodities are not drawn down inscriptions chapter title on the convenience of our customers get their names back to give as gifts or exhibitors. For inscription, please drop the original artist chapter, please contact the owner instructions.
  4. Photographed more than one baby only charge postage, buyers take the initiative to contact me please, so be revised postage!
  5. The buyer receives the goods, if not satisfied, or have questions, please do not pay and evaluation, contact me as soon as possible. We will help you solve!
  6. If captured, please contact the owner as soon as possible, do not buy do not bid, please respect the artist's hard work.

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