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Chinese Embroidered shoes

by Li Jian – 2013-09-05 15:19:19 - Total Views : 2837

Embroidered shoes have played an important part in China’s history since 331.BC, with an history of nearly 3000 years. A pair of embroidered shoes is one of the best representations of China. To Chinese it is not only a necessity but also art, more so, in fact, for its beauty has fascinated eyeballs from both home and abroad.
Embroidered shoes are usually made of comfortable cloths or silk of beautiful color, women embroider shoes with dexterity. The vivid images of flowers, birds, worms and fishes are their favorite. Last century embroidered shoes were influenced to a great degree by western culture and almost lost its future. But twenty years later, along the trend of back to ancients, embroidered shoes come back to stage of fashion. This time it keeps its tradition and at the same time incorporates some fashion elements of current times. The images on the upper of embroidered shoes are no longer limited to flowers and birds. The colors are also been varied. You can hardly guess that they come from thousands of years ago on the first sight, because they are so fashionable. Since they are comfortable and beautiful they enjoy high popularity among the old and the young.

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