Carved Buddhist prayer beads bracelet made of American green sandalwood



Carved Buddhist prayer beads bracelet made of American green sandalwood

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[Name] Americas Green sandalwood carved Buddha word holds the beads car indoor pendant hanging jewelry (15mm)

【Item】 L2-15-18 Buddha word

 bead diameter: 15mm


【Material】 American natural green sandalwood

Prayer beads on the Seiko carved Buddha word


Do hold the bead holding beads recite the highly meritorious.

As a car accessories in the car stalls at, or hanging in the rear view mirror can be placed on the car before the board, Buddha Bless, allows you a safe journey home! You can also enhance car grade ~~!
You can also hang in the house, town house Huasha!

Like to play with friends can also take the fun of playing in the hands of feelings ....

Green sandalwood, also known as Tupper St. Tan. From the Americas, Sheng Yu Turkey. Hard and tough, oily jade stones. Wood of noble ancient times the prevalence of dignitaries, hi wear. The fitness of evil spirits, air purification, and collection of high quality goods.

Green sandalwood growth in the virgin forest, year-round cloud curls using the aura of heaven and earth. Sparsely populated by the local indigenous for Shenmu. 18th century, people harvesting the production of fine furniture and crafts, refined flavors. Green sandalwood it contains rich organic matter, organic matter in a closed film can not evaporate will be the timber formed on the surface of the crystal clear flocculent crystals? This is because the rich organic matter contained within the Green Tan To, this was also the judge true and false green sandalwood is the most effective and easiest way. Was brown in the sun, in the dim light changes to green, humidity and temperature changes into a dark blue, purple.

Green sandalwood close texture, hard, erosion immortal. Natural and beautiful wood grain, feel smooth and delicate, eternal aroma of fragrant, colorful changing of the natural lines of the visible highly decorative green sandalwood beads, a circle like a distant ring exudes ancient pure natural flavor and dreamy blurred sheen.

The magic and beauty of the green sandalwood, it is usually for as auspicious objects, known as the "sacred sandalwood. Worn, evil does not invade. Reiki bless peace, reward and beautiful life. The ancient legend can be evil treatment ... the elegance of their very nature, extremely popular in China's ancient palace, a high official aristocracy generally wear. Put a Green Tan desk refreshing, long-term exposure to this material is beneficial to the body.
Features a prayer beads, that is, remind calm response to a variety of situation, good tone and his soul, failing to harmony, do not worry about not terror, mindful, reduce unhealthy psychological control. So, Wang Xin interest, truly remarkable. Because of "purity of heart is of Homeland net, heart heart turn quiet heart if stability is encountered naturally luck. Features a prayer beads the true meaning of the true meaning of enlightenment Buddha. Of course, more to the Buddha and to hold and protect do not think the rules of procedure.

[Prayer beads to play with the method]

From ancient times, prayer beads and a variety of play has its own unique playing method. The reason why so many people fall in love with playing is changing in the disk to play, and the appreciation of the fun. A bunch of good prayer beads, when we called the Health beads, color and degree of jewels far below the beads disk players. New beads used, wash your hands before you start the disc. Some friends also like to drop one or two drops of essential oils in your hand, this can also be, but do not use scented or will the wood original scent cover. After a period of play gradually beads, wood grain, fineness, and the heavy feeling will change, which is a lot of players usually can not help friends and show off the. The longer the disk, the more obvious changes in the beads, some beads plate more than half a year, then slowly showing Po gas, and certain market value. The same time, it is most interesting because the constitution of every man is different, different lines of each string of beads, each beads after disc play is truly unique, with high value for collection Oh, of course, the value and quality of the beads is critical.

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