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Chinese Clothing

Mid-Autumn Festival, the traditional Chinese festival costumes in the moment of twists and turns, with the magnificent Chinese costume, the noble and elegant aura. embellished with traditional festivals have become an essential element. What fascinated by history. Chinese costume seems to have an innate nostalgic, like walking on the roads in the 1930s and 1940s Shanghai girl walking shape. elegant, simple. For this reason, there is a strange Chinese costume pretty and flirtatious. It is concise and leisure, inadvertently remind you in a lull, the pace of life is rich, In actuality, kind of a love-hate relationship with him so that urban young things. Now popular on the market have emerged from traditional Chinese costume stereotypes and inject more fashionable element. The entire piece of cloth independence posed by the Chinese costume, it's the fabric, instead of silk, Ruanduan, velvet, tapestry satin. Instead of using cotton, Ma, chemical fiber, Lycra, denim and other fabrics, traditional Chinese clothes more adaptability. Models, we should pay attention to the neckline, buttons, Menjin, BRANCHING, swings and other details of the meeting, while pants and skirts embroidered in the edge trim fringetree. Reinforced minority positions, auspicious motifs, floral, Chinese characters, language and peonies, United Bamboo top of aesthetic taste. Chinese costume made of batik cloth with the Yunnan is a major trend.


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